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WebP converter

Make the world smaller ?

WebP is developed by Google. it is a Picture for the Web (get it ?). The idea is to make the images smaller to reduce the loading time of websites. This sounds great but it is not very simple for the average person to save his images in this format. Also as this is a...

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Homemade Raspberry Pi Zero W

Raspberry pi zero

The raspberry pi zero is a great device that allows you to make a lot of nice stuff, but you soon run into the limitations of this 5 € board. The major problem for me was the lack of Wi-Fi, and the shortage of USB ports, now the raspberry pi foundation came up with a new version...

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"The city’s central computer told you? R2D2, you know better than to trust a strange computer" C3PO

Avril Consulting, last day

After two months my time here is up so let me look back and reflect on my experiences here as an intern.

The company

Avril Consulting has been a great place to be this summer, everyone is treated equal and everyone is approachable if you have any kind of questions. I would really like to thank t...

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