me Hi there! I'm Dennis de Best, a tech enthusiast who's been enamored with computers since the days of Windows 98.

Beginnings: Tinkering and Exploration As a young tech enthusiast, the Internet fascinated me, prompting my foray into web development using tools like Dreamweaver. I once launched a website sharing GameBoy roms for Pokemon games, attracting a significant amount of traffic.

Diving Deeper into Tech My passion led me to explore game development in Python, delve into Microsoft Office Spreadsheet automation with VBA, and acquaint myself with the peculiar world of WinDev.

Academic Pursuits: From Limoges to Bordeaux With a desire to formalize my understanding, I enrolled in a computer science program in Limoges. However, the course wasn't what I expected. I then took up part-time roles while concurrently studying at the "Open Universiteit Amsterdam," where I delved into foundational computer science, assembly language, and basic circuitry.

After a brief hiatus due to an accident, I resumed my academic journey in Bordeaux. I first joined SupInfo but soon transitioned to IngΓ©sup due to unforeseen circumstances. My time there exposed me to technologies ranging from Cisco to Flutter, and culminated in major group projects.

Forming CodeBuds: Turning Passion into Profession Post-graduation, along with talented peers Thomas Morgana and Quentin Estrach we founded CodeBuds, committed to transforming ideas into tangible projects. Additionally, I've been imparting knowledge, ensuring students find value and interest in the tech domain.

An Open-Source Enthusiast Open-source communities resonate with me. They foster learning and collaboration, aspects I hold dear. I cherish discovering nuances in tech and believe in disseminating knowledge. This blog stands testament to that philosophy, aiming to elucidate tech concepts and share my experiences.