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Creating a HoneyPot to avoid Spam in Symfony Forms

On one of the sites I have set up with a contact form there started to get quite a few automated spam messages.

To avoid this I could add something like reCaptcha but first I'll try to take care of this on my own and not add more Google stuff to the page.

My form was pretty simple :


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WebP converter

Make the world smaller ?

WebP is developed by Google. it is a Picture for the Web (get it ?). The idea is to make the images smaller to reduce the loading time of websites. This sounds great but it is not very simple for the average person to save his images in this format. Also as this is a...

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Mattermost publication bundle

At my company, CodeBuds, we make use of the Mattermost messaging platform to communicate. This is a very nice open source system that allows us to have it on our own server without any limits, unlike Slack.

We figured it would be nice to be able to have our Symfony apps easily communicate wi...

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