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Connecting GitHub Actions to DockerHub to share and publish images

When creating a Docker Image you might want to make it easily accessible to you and the world. Most of us have been used to GitHub to share code and, nowadays, DockerHub to make our Docker images publicly available.

We used to be able to connect our GitHub and DockerHub accounts and have Docke...

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PHP 8.1 Enums, Doctrine and Symfony EnumType

PHP 8.1 added Enums, this allows us to set a defined number of possible values for an array. It is a very interesting way of making sure only the values we want can be to a specific value.

So I started to play around with them, A while back and ran into a few issues with Doctrine and the Symfon...

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JavaScript Typewriter

In the previous article, I added some simple CSS animations to show how the separation of my assets works. Now that that is en place, let's dive into JavaScript a bit more and create an even better typewriter animation based on your input !

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β€œMost good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.” Linus Torvalds

Adding files to specific pages' header tags

As I have added TypeScript and WebPack encore to Grav recently I wanted to find a way to add CSS and JavaScript only to certain pages.

Generating multiple outputs for assets

So far I generated a assets.html page that would contain the links to the JavaScript and CSS files generated by WebPac...

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