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Create A Custom Scroll Bar

We are all used to seeing a scroll bar on all the pages we visit daily on the internet.

They are useful and explicit. This is very handy but not enjoyable. For a while now all major Browsers accept some CSS Pseudo elements to customise to wat the browser's scroller looks. To have some more infor...

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Keeping track of time with a bash script

Sometimes, while writing some code, I can not keep track of time and end up not really knowing the time I have spent on it.

So to keep an eye on this I can make sure to look at my watch and writing down the starting time but this is something I would not be able to do all the time. It would also n...

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Traefik Middleware, redirect from www. to the simple URL

A lot of people are still used to a website needing to start with www. but this is not the case anymore. This has created a few issues in the past where I would deploy a site to but then when people would try to share the site they would mention it as

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