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Create A Custom Scroll Bar

We are all used to seeing a scroll bar on all the pages we visit daily on the internet.

They are useful and explicit. This is very handy but not enjoyable. For a while now all major Browsers accept some CSS Pseudo elements to customise to wat the browser's scroller looks. To have some more infor...

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Keeping track of time with a bash script

Sometimes, while writing some code, I can not keep track of time and end up not really knowing the time I have spent on it.

So to keep an eye on this I can make sure to look at my watch and writing down the starting time but this is something I would not be able to do all the time. It would also n...

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Adding WebPack Encore and TypeScript to Grav

I started this Grav Blog in 2016. It was a nice and easy way to get started and to set everything up. I got the LingonBerry theme and only changed a few lines in its CSS code to change some colors. This worked fine and was up for years.

Recently I wanted to get back to my blog to add some mor...

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Creating a HoneyPot to avoid Spam in Symfony Forms

On one of the sites I have set up with a contact form there started to get quite a few automated spam messages.

To avoid this I could add something like reCaptcha but first I'll try to take care of this on my own and not add more Google stuff to the page.

My form was pretty simple :


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Traefik Middleware, redirect from www. to the simple URL

A lot of people are still used to a website needing to start with www. but this is not the case anymore. This has created a few issues in the past where I would deploy a site to but then when people would try to share the site they would mention it as

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