Raspberry pi zero

The raspberry pi zero is a great device that allows you to make a lot of nice stuff, but you soon run into the limitations of this 5 € board. The major problem for me was the lack of Wi-Fi, and the shortage of USB ports, now the raspberry pi foundation came up with a new version the raspberry pi zero W which includes Wi-Fi and bluetooth. However, I was not going to throw away my original pi zero, so I came up with a homemade raspberry pi zero W.

It started by gutting a cheap mini USB Wi-Fi adapter that I hot glued to the back of the board.

Next I soldered the two power lines to the raspberry's pads.

The next lines to wire up are the data lines (green and white), for this to work properly you want the two wires to have approximately the same length. The pads are quite close together, so you want to watch out for solder bridges and check for continuity once it's all soldered up.

You now have a pi zero with fully working Wi-Fi without taking up the precious USB port and without any adapters !