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Avril consulting, Day 2

the average workday

Now that you know how I ended up here and how the company got to where it is let's take a look at what the day to day looks like.

Everyone comes in somewhere between 9 and 9:30 and boots up their machines, after that we gather around the SCRUM board for, you've guessed it, th...

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Avril Consulting, Day 1

A bit of history ...

so let's take a bit of a look back at where this company started and how it got to be where it is today. It all starts with the three founders Mathias Extremo, Adrien Castagnet and Julien Boyer who started a web development company while still in their last year in school, in...

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Avril Consulting, Day 0

After a couple of months of searching a company asked me to come in for an interview. So one day I came in and sat down in the meeting room with Olivier the project manager and Florent who is now my internship supervisor. We discussed quite a few things, they asked me about my motivations for joinin...

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"Always code as if the person who is going to be maintaining your code is a violent psycopath who knows where you live" A smart developper