When you notice some errors in the Grav plugins you can help fixing them by changing some of the code inside.

When upgrading to Grav 1.7 and PHP 8 it crashed with the DropCaps plugin.

To get this to work I forked the repository and added a contrib directory at the root of my Grav project.

Then I cloned the fork :

cd contrib && git clone git@github.com:DennisdeBest/grav-plugin-dropcaps.git

To get my project to use my fork instead of the plugin I deleted the previous plugin files and created a symlink to my fork

rm -rf user/plugins/dropcap && ln -s contrib/grav-plugin-dropcaps user/plugins/dropcaps

I could then alter the code in the fork I pulled and directly see the changes on my local project.

Once everything worked correctly I pushed the changes to my forked repository and created a pull request on the official plugin repository.

It is pretty simple to participate in the development of Grav plugins so do not hesitate to do so.