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Black Friday

ça y est c'est black Friday !!

Des milliers d'offres sont en ce moment sur amazon, c'est le moment de faire ses achats de noël.

En plus si vous passez par mon lien d'affiliation vous m'aiderez à faire les miens.

Voici une liste des meilleures offres du moment :

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Avril Consulting, last day

After two months my time here is up so let me look back and reflect on my experiences here as an intern.

The company

Avril Consulting has been a great place to be this summer, everyone is treated equal and everyone is approachable if you have any kind of questions. I would really like to thank...

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Avril Consulting, Project Maintenance

Once a website is put into production and delivered to the client the fun doesn't just stop, a big part of the work is maintenance.

Every now and again the client will want new functionality implemented or discovers a bug that needs fixing, part of my job as an intern was taking care of some of...

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Avril Consulting, Project POC

So what do we (or I in this case) actually do here? Well, my first assignment was a Proof of concept for a client.

The problem

Let me explain the use case, the client sells many products by drop shipping from different sources, drop shipping means they don't stock any products they only resa...

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Symfony tutorial 2